Q & A About Lawyers

Below you will find answers to some questions about lawyers. We want to give you the opportunity to get an idea of what a lawyer can help with. We also provide answers to questions about how to proceed if you do not understand the service you expect.

In what situations should I contact a lawyer?

You should get in touch with an attorney when you feel the need to speak with an advisor in legal matters. This may apply to issues that have personal or financial consequences for you: family law issues such as marriage, sexual relations, divorce or inheritance issues. Buy or sell real estate. Disputes relating to work, tax issues, contracts and contracts, business, housing and property issues. Cases where you have been sued or want to sue someone or in connection with a police investigation.

When should I contact?

As soon as you feel you need to talk with a legal expert, you need to call one right away. Do not wait until the question has become a problem or a conflict. The faster you contact a lawyer, the higher the chance that the dispute can be resolved through negotiations and that the issues can be solved. Nothing else is the same thing. “The fine print” is not always easy to find, and it can be even more difficult to interpret it correctly.

How do I get in touch with a lawyer?

The most common thing is to ask their friends and business contacts if they know any lawyer with whom they have a good experience. A search can be done in different legal areas, and a search can be done locally. The lawyer can not make recommendations on lawyers.

How do I know which lawyer suits my needs?

Many attorneys advertise what business target they have, for example, on their websites. When you search for a lawyer on the law directories, you can also search for the right legal areas. When you call a lawyer and present your case, the lawyer decides if he or she can undertake your assignment.

How much information should I leave at the first interview with the lawyer?

At the first contact with a lawyer, briefly explain what your legal case is so that the lawyer can conduct a fool control to avoid a conflict of interests. It is essential to ask the lawyer if the first call is free of charge. Once the attorney has confirmed to you that this may be your case, it is advisable to provide further information about the matter.

How much does it cost to hire a lawyer?

There is no fixed price for lawyer services. Lawyers are free to determine their fee. However, according to a good lawyer, a lawyer’s cost must be reasonable. In assessing the fairness of an assignment, the account may be taken from the agreement reached with the client, the extent of the task, its nature, severity and importance, as well as the skill of the lawyer, the results of the work and other such circumstances.

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